Abundance Class- Six Week Deep Dive!

Abundance Class – A Six Week Deep Dive

Join Dr. Divi Chandna, Sharon Storoschuk and Christine Banno for a Six Week DEEP Dive into Abundance!

At this time on the planet, the conversation of Abundance is a challenging one. With fear, conditioning and societal messages around lack being imposed daily, it is hard to hear our internal voices that are whispering, “maybe there is a different story to be told and lived here”.

As humans, we crave an abundance of health, time, money, energy, resources and more, as this is our natural birthright. We are born with these gifts, however, we often forget or are trained to believe we are not capable of achieving them. If you feel like you can relate, this course is perfect for you and will ultimately bring you back into your power and the abundant flow of the universe, so you can receive all that you desire and deserve.

Topics and concepts we will be covering:

How can we live in more abundance?

How do we use Emotional, Mental, and Metaphysical Laws to create more abundance?

Our relationship with abundance – Identifying any beliefs, out-dated patterns, or programming and how to release these ideas and learn to trust and receive with ease.

How abundance is more than just money – it is your relationship with this energy that will determine what you have or don’t have in your life.

Tools and techniques to help guide you on your journey to a fully aligned, abundant life.

You will challenge every belief you have about money, energy, hard work & more!

Experience more joy, ease and trust as you start to focus in on this life changing work.

Replay on Abundance Webinar:


July 9- August 13

Thursdays @ 530-7 pm PST

All Classes Live (ALL 3 coaches live!!) & Recorded

Interact, ask questions, learn processes & Dive Deep!


Price: $288

Payment plans available – Please email bridgehealth@gmail.com for information.

Register today  & Reserve Your Spot!

By saying YES to this course and registering, you are already starting the flow of abundance into your life!

“I took an abundance class with Dr Divi a few years ago & from it, manifested my dream home in Hawaii. ” – Bill

“After taking the Abundance course with Dr Divi, my relationship with my husband did a much needed 180 degree shift!” – Martina

“Learning abundance techniques helped my OCD. i had no idea how much my anxiety was linked to my issues around money.” – Jane