Join Dr Divi, Sharon Storoschuk, and Christine Banno for an incredible 12-week online dive into all things energy, intuition, self-healing, abundance, forgiveness and finding inner peace among any storm or situation.

Join us Sept 10 for a 12 week Deep Dive!

We will be discussing and helping you:

·       Understand energy

·       Feel like the center of your life – your Universe

·       Understand and use your unique gifts

·       Gain clarity in the storm

·       Improve and heal relationships

·       Wake up your intuition and connect with your Inner Voice

·       Find alignment and receive messages on a deeper level

·       Decrease procrastination

·       Make decisions easier

·       Feel happier and more content no matter what’s happening

This 12 week course will be:

·       Fun

·       Interactive

·       Healing

·       Online (use Zoom)

·       We will teach you processes, meditations & more

·       AND Answer Intuitive Questions on the spot!

This 12-week online program begins September 10, 2020, and is a continuation of our six-part complimentary webinar series introducing some of these life-changing concepts.

Investment: $649**

Early Bird: $599 ( prior to August 21st)

Dates: Every Thursday @ 530 pm – 7 pm PST

September 10-Nov 26/2020

Every participant will get life long access to the recordings.

**Payment plans may be available upon request


Early Bird- Ends August 21st!

Register today and begin your commitment to YOU!

About us

Dr Divi – Dr. Divi is a family doctor, Mind Body Medicine Coach, Certified Medical Intuitive & Head of the Center of Mind Body Spirit Medicine of Vancouver. She inspires people and teaches them how to shift from illness to wellness. Dr. Divi is great at teaching you how to take the dis out of disease. Her interactive, fun teaching techniques will leave you with a taste of magic that you can apply to your life TODAY! She is a regular expert on Global BC TV News, The National TV show- the Social & has been featured in Canadian Living, Huffington Post & on the Ted X stage. Dr. Divi’s work will help you to maximize your health, relationships & abundance, She strives for people to live “their best lives ever”…

Sharon Storoschuk – Sharon is an Intuitive Coach, Medium, Craniosacral Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Group Facilitator and Public Health Educator. She has mentored with many spiritual teachers, most recently Lynnette Brown and Dr. Divi Chandna. For the last five years she has led groups for women who are experiencing transitions and who are feeling stuck, to realize the Divine Feminine within them and to empower them to live the life of their dreams! She came to discover her gifts by seeking to heal herself from skin problems, broken bones and severe depression, getting very sick, having a failed marriage and being laid off, to finally bring her to realize that the best way to heal her physical and emotional body was through spiritual growth. Her passion is sharing her intuitive gifts with others to empower them, help them to listen to their intuition, heal their bodies and step into their Power!

Christine Banno – Christine Banno is an Intuitive Coach, Business Owner, Retreat leader, Psychic Medium, lululemon Ambassador and Mama. She has mentored with Hay House Authors Rebecca Campbell and Lynette Brown and for the last 6 years coached with Dr. Divi Chandra (Ted X Speaker, MD and Internationally acclaimed Mind body spirit leader). She has been through the ringer with love, loss, co-dependency, chronic stress, poor belief systems, and barely getting by – essentially living completely in the fog with no purpose and little hope. She is loving, honest, raw and authentic and brings humour and light to topics that can feel dense and heavy at times. Christine resides in North Vancouver, Canada and does 1-to-1 sessions, group work, private + public retreats and workshops and teaches at her studio SWEAT Vancity.

This is a pre requisite course to the 12 month Intuitive coaching training course

Curious if this is for you?

Check out our recordings!

This is an introductory webinar series we did in March. It may help you to get an idea of the class, and who we are. Enjoy!

March 23 class:

March 25 class:

March 27 class:

March 30th class:

April 1st class:

April 3rd class: