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Thank you for trusting your guidance that lead you here. We are excited you are here!

Do you have that perpetual stack of self help books?

And you have read them .. BUT only small things are shifting.

This course is ALL about the Application 

Something keeps us buying them because in us We KNOW there is truth.. but how do we apply it?

Maybe you have heard of these catchy words :

Self healing





Law of Attraction

Energy Work

Energy medicine

Universal Laws

And want to start applying them in your life. You want to “figure out how to manifest” and use Universal Laws and Intuition to know what is happening around you… Well – you are in the Right Place!


With this work and learning to apply you will get:

A Happy You

A Prosperous You

A Successful You

A You that is truly walking your Soul Purpose

A You who is ready to Serve – Yourself or Others with Love

Developed by Dr. Divi and Lynnette Brown, As Seen On:

“The  Coaching course has opened me up to a world I couldn’t imagine. It has helped me expand my own mind and learn techniques that will better people’s lives – and not to mention mine as well. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking at shifting their lives, and Divi & Lynnette are the best at what they do!”


“The 12 month course has been absolutely amazing, and life changing for me. I have grown and shifted so much, even just a few months in I began to notice huge changes in myself. Life doesn’t rock me the way it used to, I now have tools to guide me and use in any situation I come across. I have learned so much about working with my intuition and feel confident stepping into the role of a coach with so much support around me. Divi and Lynnette are such a perfect combination together, and bring so much knowledge and structure . This has be absolutely the best course I have ever taken and I am so excited to share what I have learned with the world”